I'm Iris


“Sometimes I think you are upset, and then I realize you’re just concentrating. You’re like the Clint Eastwood of interactive media.”

Phillip Motley, Elon Professor

“You’ve got a spark to you.”

Benjamin Robinson, Classmate

“Whoa. You have an awesome imagination.”

Verizon Store Support Rep

“You have all the qualities that someone hiring is looking for. No one else compares- You’re the best!”

Mary Maslow, Mom



HTML/CSS Development


Video Editing


Raleigh City Map – Interactive Map

Capstone Project: Over four months of preparation, production, and analysis, the Raleigh City Map is the culmination of the skills...

Summer Camp – Infographic

An infographic about summer camps that was shared on social networks in a content marketing campaign....

Snowfox Media – Logo Design

Snowfox Media, a marketing strategy start-up, asked me to design a logo for the agency....

Surfrider Ericeira – Website

Role: Project Manager // After spending a week collecting content and footage in Portugal with the members of Surfrider Foundation...

Social Start-Up – White Paper

This four-step white paper walks a startup company through the steps of creating a social media strategy. This assignment was a co...

That’s Fair, Don’t Care – Rap Video

This rap video serves as an educational piece to teach content creators about the fair use principle in copyright law. Not all sit...

Resume – Interactive Infographic

Trying to stand out in the digital age is difficult. That's why instead of a static resumé, or even a static infographic resumé,...

‘B’ – Kinetic Typography

Using a sound bite from Sarah Kay's poem "B," the motion graphic was created with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to...

NPR App – UX Study

Role: Project Manager // Focusing on the National Public Radio's (NPR) news app, several participants were tested as users of the ...


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